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Oct 8, 2007

The fifth and final round of the French 1:10 200mm National Championship took place over the weekend and it was Serpent racer Arnaud Chaussard who TQ\'d at the Reims track.

Driving his RB powered 720, Chaussard was joined on the grid for the Main Final of the Elite category by fellow Serpent drivers Arnaud Soulignac and Michaël Derderian.

In the 30-minte final Chaussard led the way until a mistake saw him use valuable seconds and drop to fourth. A superb recovery drive followed and he was able to climb back to second just 4 seconds a drift of eventual race winner Sébastien Wartelle. Making it two Serpent\'s on the podium Soulignac came home in third while Derderian finished ninth.