My location: United States
Sep 30, 2007

Last weekend Serpent, in co-operation with RC club MACH, staged a demo event in the paddock area of the Dutch A1GP race in Zandvoort.

The club laid out a nice simple track, with enough space to showcase the Serpent 720 and similar cars, and of course to demo the Serpent F180 1/8 scale formula car. The club did a perfect job, allowing the drivers to do a superb demo with close racing and we even had background music and a true speaker to make the commentary and promotions.

For the event, one of the F180s was painted up in the current Dutch A1GP colour scheme and one with last years simpler orange version. With the A1GP cars not looking that dissimilar to the F180, this got a lot of interest going from the spectators present. Some potential buyers even had a chance to test-drive one of the demo cars.

The event had superb weather on the Sunday, after a rainy Saturday, and this meant that the demo attracted lots of spectators, with many interested racers shooting questions at the staff of the Serpent promo-booth, next to the track.

Its always great to promote RC cars at full scale races, and we are really happy that we have the co-operation of the Race track in Zandvoort to accommodate our RC car track as an extra way to entertain paddock guests from all the teams and to promote the sport of RC car racing to the general public.

Till next time!
Team Serpent