My location: United States
Sep 30, 2007

The IIC in Las Vegas is over and Team Serpent with the new Serpent S400 did well at their first major EP race. Billy Easton, who qualified 5th for the Rubber TC Modified A-final had a blistering start and made some good moves on Hara, Rheinard and Baker to be in 2nd spot right behind LeMieux by Lap 2. Unfortunately Billy hit a border and the drivers behind him crashed into him, which he was not able to recover beyond ninth spot. But, well done Billy, more to come soon! Dutch team driver Niels Koenekoop also did a great job finishing 16th in a World class field that saw Marc Rheinard win the final, in front of LeMieux with Hara 3rd.

The very talented young driver from Sweden, Niklas Nillson, qualified himself third for the 19T Rubber TC final and in the final he was lying third and seemed to be catching the leading pack of Caster and Larson until he crashed in the chicane coming onto the straight which put him out on the spot. But keep it up Niklas, you will get another chance for sure.

US stock superstar Jeff Cuffs qualified 9th for the 19T foam TC final and was doing fine, until he ran into somebody blocking the track and broke his car, he still managed to finish 7th overall though. Not a very lucky day for our drivers in the A-main then, but staying out of trouble is a major part of the game too.

In TC Modified foam all drivers did their best, but the lack of experience with the car on such high traction tracks resulted in a minor performance. With a little more experience and practice on foam tires we will surely do much better next time. This TC Mod class was won by Teemu Leino from Finland, followed by Tosolini in 2nd and LeMieux in 3rd. LeMieux won the King of the Hill title, as he had the best combined results in both the Rubber TC Modified and Foam TC Modified class and for his efforts Paul received a nice cheque for 750 dollars.

In 1/12th scale, the prototype of Markus Mobers was good in his last qualifier, having finally found the reason why the car was traction rolling in previous runs. But due to a minor heat, resulting from three bad qualifiers, he could only qualify in the B-final 4 seconds away from the main final. Testing with the all-new car will continue, and we will keep you up-to-date with progress!

Well, after a stressful week its time to relax a bit, we have not seen sunlight for four days in a row now :)

Take care!