My location: United States
Sep 26, 2007

This weekend probably the biggest and most important indoor Race will take in Las Vegas/USA. Not only the town itself is exciting, 400 drivers have entered that race. Team Serpent has brought all here electric hotshots to Vegas, Billy Easton, Jared Scott, Markus Mobers, Jeff Cuffs, Niklas Nilsson and Niels Koenekoop will do there best to present Serpent on its first major electric on-road race ever. For assistance Team Serpent brought Rene Cornella, designer of the S400 car. He will also drive to get more set-up information for the whole team.

Practice started off today and the traction has increased pretty fast. Billy seemed to have done his homework really well, his pace in TC Modified Rubber was very good and together with Andy Moore and Marc Rheinard he was fastest on the track today. In TC Modified Foam Jared Scott was looking good. Jared has just changed to the Serpent team lately and he got used to the S400 car very quick.

Jeff Cuffs, the US stock superstar, improved through the day after working on his set-up and will be for sure one of the favourites in the 19T Foam Stock and 27 Turn Stock Foam.

Markus Mobers will be testing and driving the all new 1/12 scale prototype Serpent car. First time out with the car today it already looked good, but there are still a lot of things to test.

Niels, Serpents S400 test driver, is running the rubber TC classes and he looked smooth as always on the track. He had a little under steer, but he will fix that for tomorrow.

During the day we took a short interview with Molzer Mowery’s president and Serpent Distributor Andrew Mowery. Andrew was really happy with his all new S400 car. Especially working on the car is fun for him, he said \"I never had an car, that’s so easy to work on!\". He loves the track layout very much and is having big fun driving the S400.

Well, this is it for today, we will get back to you after the second practice day tomorrow. Now its time to loose some money in the gamble area! ;-)

Your IIC reporter Natascha