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Sep 25, 2007

Per Ola Hard is the 2007 Swedish 1:10 200mm National Cup Champion. The Serpent team driver secured the title in the best way possible over the weekend with victory in the final round.

Racing at the fast Staffanstorp track in the south of the country, Hard\'s Mega powered Serpent 720 was working brilliantly allowing him to TQ for the all important grand finale.

In the final he was able to continue that pace with his Serpent/Mega combination, winning the race and with it becoming the 2007 Champion bringing the perfect climax to a long season which has seen the Swedish driver racing across the world.

After the race the new champion paid tribute to his mechanic & sponsors and admitted to already be looking forward to the 2008 season.

[b]Swedish 1:10 200mm National Cup Series
Finale, Staffanstorp
Final Result[/b]
1. Per-Ola Hard - Serpent 720/Mega
2. Klas Runesson - Kyosho/Orion
3. Niklas Hakansson - Xray/Sirio

[b]2007 Swedish National Cup Series
Final Standings[/b]
1. Per-Ola Hard - Serpent 720/Mega
2. Martin Andersson - Mugen/OS
3. Niklas Hakanssson - Xray/Sirio