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Aug 19, 2007

Young Italian star and Serpent 720 racer Alessio Mazzeo has marked himself as a future star of the sport after the current EC-B champion drove a sensational Main Final to finish on the podium at the 2007 EFRA 1:10 200mm European A Championships in Madrid. The highest placed Serpent driver finishing 3rd overall, Mazzeo also claimed the European Junior Championship crown to complete a superb week of highly competitive racing in style.

Mazzeo along with fellow Serpent driver Oscar Cabezas did a fanastic job to qualify their 720s directly into the Main Final and with Michael Salven and Mark Green both hitting misfortune in their Semi Finals the young pairing were left with the responsibility of flying the flag for Team Serpent in the big race, something they both did brilliantly.

After just a few laps it was Cabezas who took Serpent to the front leading by a comfortable gap for the opening 10 minutes however a late call for his second pit stop saw the SDD driver run out of fuel. Loosing 2 laps as a result, Cabezas\' challenge came to an end but Mazzeo now took on the leading role.

Heading the star field, the teenager drove with great maturity despite the instense pressure behind him however it was not to be double EC glory for the Max supported drivers. With his tyres starting to wear his car started to oversteer in the later half of the race and he could not retain his lead. A determined youngster he drove around the problem as best he could allowing him finish the race in a superb podium position.

While Oscar Cabezas was bitterly disappointed not to have finished on the podium after proving he was the fastest man on the track, setting a new lap record for the ARCA circuit, he can take some comfort from the fact that has established himself along with Mazzeo as a rising star of the sport.

[b]European Championships
Madrid, Spain
Open Final Result[/b]

1. Dario Balestri - 153 laps in 45:14.866
2. Jilles Groskamp - 152 laps in 45:17.457
3. Alessio Mazzeo (Serpent/Max) - 151 laps in 45:01.035
4. Teemu Leino - 151 laps in 45:01.664
5. Guiseppe D’Angelo - 151 laps in 45:09.004
6. Oscar Cabezas (Serpent/Mega) - 151 laps in 45:11.246
7. Martin Hudy - 149 laps in 45.13.604
8. Niki Duina - 142 laps in 45.04.138
9. Martin Christensen - 140 laps in 45.12.048
10. Adrien Bertin - 103 laps in 33.04.688