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Aug 1, 2007

The 2007 EFRA European Championship was a very good result for Serpent overall despite the fact we did not retain our European title, which Fabio Domanin claimed in Sweden last year.

Having TQ\'d this year\'s event at the Swiss Lostallo track, Michael Salven was leading the final for over 15 minutes with his Mega powered 960 when a race-accident with Alberto Picco send him into the grass. Coming back from this further bad luck hit the German when during his tyre-change pit-stop his carb-balljoint popped off somehow and he lost valuable time, which at this level of racing is impossible to regain.

Mark Green, who was using Mega MF21 power in his 960, went off in the early stage of the final, but regained a lot of ground to finish 4th by the chequered flag followed home by Italian team mate Massimo Fantini who was using one of his own Max engines.

Salven managed to finish 7th despite the two incidents while 2006 Champion Fabio Domanin, who drove an excellent Semi Final saw his chances of retaining the title end with radio interference and he was classified 10th.

With 4 cars in the final (Green, Salven, Fantini, Domanin) and a total of 7 cars in the Semi-final (Domanin, Green, Cuypers, d\'Hondt, Romagnoli, Geisendorf and Fantini) shows clearly the potential of the Serpent 960 and both the Mega ZX and MF engines.

Almost all the cars in this year\'s Euros were using the Serpent Central bodyshell, which shows the performance advantages of this body-shell.

During the Euros, Serpent\'s Team drivers were using some prototype rear up-rights/wishbones which worked really well. Some minor changes are to be made following driver feedback and these parts will be prepared for the IFMAR World Championship in Argentina in October. Serpent will of course offer these new parts to all Serpent drivers in time for the Worlds. All the new parts can be mounted on current Serpent 960\'s easily.

[b]2007 EFRA 1:8 Onroad European Championship
Lostallo, Switerland
Final Result[/b]

1. Collari Lamberto (I) - 127 Laps 45:13.945 (Kyosho)
2. Picco Alberto (I) - 127 Laps 45:14.760 (Mugen)
3. Tironi Francesco (I) - 126 Laps 45:12.193 (Kyosho)
4. Green Mark (GB) - 125 Laps 45:04.591 (Serpent)
5. Fantini Massimo (I) - 125 Laps 45:21.510 (Serpent)
6. Vrielijnck Rick (NL) - 124 Laps 45:13.560 (Mugen)
7. Salven Michael (D) - 121 Laps 45:06.414 (Serpent)
8. Solaroli Stefano (I) - 121 Laps 45:12.957 (Mugen)
9. Ielasi Daniele (I) - 110 Laps 41:32.935 (Kyosho)
10. Domanin Fabio (I) - 27 Laps 09:30.738 (Serpent)