My location: United States
Jun 25, 2007

Over the weekend Serpent\'s F180 met up with full size racing in the form of an A1 Grand Prix car as our New Zealand distributor Zoom brought the two together at an A1 Team New Zealand PR event.

Kiwi A1 Grand Prix driver Johnny Reid was very interested in the 1:8 scale formula r/c car and took time out from signing autographs to examine the car and later signed the body of the F180.

A1 Team New Zealand\'s distintive black car, known as Black Beauty, would be one of the more easy cars on the A1 Grand Prix grid to replicate when painting up an F180!!

So far we have seen a number of F180 painted up in the colours of Formula 1 teams but as yet no A1 cars have been attempted.

A1GP pits nation against nation in the “World Cup of Motorsport” and cars are painted in the colours of the country they represent. If your looking for ideas for a colour scheme for your F180 you can check out