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Mar 8, 2016

Serpent Cobra GT 3.0 1/8 4wd details
The Serpent Cobra GT is the most popular brand in GT racing and its performance is proven by many big racewins in the highly competitive race scene for GT’s in America. The Cobra GT 3.0 is the latest development stage of the Cobra GT platform, which is running successfully for over 5 years with very small changes only. Below we show the key updates to the GT to continue its strong performance and famous durability.

The Cobra GT is a combined design effort by Billy Easton and Michael Salven, in cooperation with our USA team-drivers Desoto and Morganti and German driver-developer Hans Scheyer .

Main new features for the GP and EP version
- New front front and front rear aluminium suspension holders
- New Alu c-hubs in 6 degree version
- New aluminium, uprights for new rear geometry
- New alu shockabsorber risers front and rear
- New lower 4.5mm carbon shocktowers front and rear

Main extra new features for the GP 3.0 version
- New XLi superlight 2-speed gearbox
New aluminium middle bearing blocks ( holding brake and 2-speed)

Serpent Cobra GT GP 3.0 TQ and Winner of the Winternats 2016

600047 Serpent Cobra GT 1/8 GP 3.0

600048 Serpent Cobra GTe 1/8 EP 3.0

Team Serpent