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Jun 8, 2015

Serpent Advanced User Manual ( SAM)
Serpent has developed a number of additional information-sheets, called Serpent Advanced user Manual (SAM) in close cooperation with the Serpent developers and team-drivers.

These sheets will show and explain in more detail, a number of key tuning options Serpent offers for the full line of over 30 different rc cars in our program.

The sheets address standard features in Serpent cars, as well as optionals.

These sheets will be published in the Serpent website, as downloads in each car-section and in various social media, as well as on a new page inside the site

We start of with some SAM sheets on the 977 and 748 cars, and will do same for 411 and all offroad cars as well. These will be introduced step by step in the next period.
An overview of all sheets will get a seperate website-page soon too.

The 1st 2 sheets are shown.