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Dec 16, 2014

804008 Serpent Natrix 748-TQ 1/10

To celebrate the fantastic TQ position of Greiner at the 2014 WC in Thailand Serpent now introduces the Natrix 748 TQ

Ofcourse we also celebrate to have 4 x Natrix in the top-10 in qualifying, and the excellent Vice Champion title of Yuya Sahashi after starting from 9th position in the main final, with Greiner taking 3rd place overall, so 2 Serpent drivers on the podium.

To introduce a TQ version so short after introducing the Natrix 748 only 6 months ago may seem quick, but has some very good reasons. Some new parts were pretested and then used at the Worlds and we know many Serpent fans that plan to buy a new car for the 2015 season, will ofcourse want these new parts inside the kit !

- New geardiffs front and rear
- New lighter Xli gearbox

The Natrix 748 TQ kit features the completely new 748 geardifferentials front and rear, which are lighter, super sealing case, new shape gears, super smooth. The TQ kit also includes the new Xli ( for eXtra Low Inertia) 2-speed gearbox inside, which is smaller and lighter, but uses same 2-speed gears as before !

At the worlds some more special parts were used, especially more weights towards the front of the car, but as these were used mainly due to the special grip and circumstances we decided not to include those in the TQ kit. Otherwise the Natrix 748 cars that the drivers used at the WC were fully standard, which proves how good the actual Natrix 748 is !!

The new gear -diffs and 2-speed gearbox parts are now introduced as spares / optionals as well. See our website.

Team Serpent will continue with our core team in 2015: Greiner, Green, Mazzeo, Yuya Sahashi, Tadahiko Sahashi, Paolo Morganti and Viktor Wilck, supported by Chief designer Michael Salven

Full details of the Natrix 748-TQ here: