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Apr 10, 2014

Michael Salven as chief designer, has worked closely together with key team drivers Green, Morganti, Mazzeo and the Sahahsi Bro’s to create the next level in 1/10 scale gas powered racing. This knowledge and experience is then mixed and compared to the needs of the national and clublevel racers to define the next level !

Mazzeo took the European Championship title in 2013 with Serpent 747, but that does not mean we will sit on our laurels. With the 2014 WC coming up in Thailand we are very motivated to make a very good car even better. Even more importantly we like to offer the Serpent fans the next evolution in the 1/10 scale racing experience.

With the recent experience of taking the Serpent 966 to the next level and creating the very successful and WC TQ and winning Viper 977, we apply the same design and development approach and technology into the NATRIX 748.

The attached images show the key changes in the Serpent NATRIX .

The white parts are still prototype parts, which are made with 3-D printing technology. The final ones will be in durable black moulded fashion as usual .

- The differential s have new housings and new internals, to create the smoothest differentials ever. The inertia improved also some 30% resulting in a better acceleration and braking. The front and rear differential are not identical, but optimized for the task and space.
- The ball-raced rear anti-roll bar is optimized position wise. It’s action is now much more smooth and more linear
- The alumium rear brake and 2-speed shaft holders, which also hold the rear anti-roll bar are lighter
- the anti-roll bar holder also acts as a brake-disc guide which gives smoother braking action and keeps the disc straight under all situations
- A new fueltank is designed, which sits even lower in the car as before, and is long and narrow. It also features an internal “ramp” which has already been introduced successfully with the 977.
- The lay-down servo’s are both seated in one composite holder, as low as possible and as close as possible to the centerline of the car, creating a better overall balance and enabling better rotation. The gas-throttle linkages are similar to the unit used on the Viper 977
- A nice small and light receiver box is made, which seats very close to the radio-tray and as much inboard as possible . On the radioplate a small holder is fitted to accept the plugs of the battery, to act as on/off “switch”.
- The new chassisplate allows the engine to be mounted more to the back as before, resulting in a better overall balance. Threfore the rear and side belt are new too.
- The innovative steeringblock system, well proven on the WC winning Viper 977 allows the much improved front suspension geometry, is fully adjustable, allow for a leading or trailing position and adjustable kingpin inclination. It also allows the mounting of the optional carbon aero disks.
- The rear uprights are modified to also accept the optional carbon aero disks
- The radioplate sits extremely low in the car, and it fitted in the rear with a new type ball-raced flexsystem, which an be used or locked in seconds.
- The lower radiotray made a new steering / servo saver assembly necessary, again with adjustable ackermann inserts as before.
- Overall the NATRIX car is lighter than 747 before, as also most aluminium parts have been redesigned to loose weight.

A more detailed release on the features of the NATRIX 748 will follow in the next weeks. We will keep you posted.

Testing continues over the next weeks and all new parts are optimized in the process as needed, until we feel its ready for release, to meet your high demands ! In the meantime all parts that remain same, like most of the drivetrain and suspension are ready waiting to be packed.

The NATRIX 748 will be released in the 2nd half of may. # 804007

Team Serpent