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Feb 13, 2014

Press release

Serpent at Toyfair 2014, Nurnberg Germany

Serpent was present again at the 2014 Toyfair in Germany with a large booth.

It was actually the 30th anniversay for Serpent to attend the Nurnberg Toyfair and this was rewarded with a nice gift and 30Y Certificate from the organiser !

The spotlight this year was on the World Championship winning Serpent Viper WC car of world champion Tadahiko Sahashi from Japan, with the TQ Trophy and the IFMAR World-Cup Trophy.

The focus in the Serpent booth was on the expanding line of ready to race cars in the growing Serpent line. The ready to race cars are marketed under the Serpent Sport brand, to differentiate with the Serpent race-car line-up.

New Serpent cars on display included the:

Serpent 1/10 2wd Spyder ShortCourseTruck SCT-2
The 1/10 Spyder 2wd buggy with rear motor RM and mid-motor MM are both introduced and raced successfully. Next in line is the Spyder SCT in 2wd format with rear motor ! This is the optimal set-up for the SCT class. Superb balance, also in jumps, very durable, eas of handling, lots of steering and grip. This Billy Easton designed masterpiece handles so well, it may even outpace many 2wd buggies. The durable front and rear bumper will take all the beating, and the innovative wide side-guards have pockets inside with lexan plates, for better, more stable jumping. Easton already TQ-ed and won with the production proto-type of the 2wd SCT car in a 4wd SCT race …. !
Planned for may introduction, with a RTR version to be introduced soon after.

SerpentSport 1/8 Cobra E-Monstertruck.
Its based on the E-truggy version, and will come as Ready to race version with 6S waterproof electronics, DragonRC transmitter with LCD, large Monstertruck wheel and tyres, and a higher pick-up style Monstertruck body ( which is still under development).
The Cobra E-Truggy Sport will also sell as race-roller, to be used in competition. All optional parts of the race version will fit !

Serpent 411 Drift 1/10 4wd
Based on the very popular 411 ERYX Serpent now enters the Drift market with the 411 DX4. This high end version features mainly machined carbon and aluminium parts. The motorposition is mid-front with the batterypack across in the back for optimal balance. The front axle is fitted with a one-way bearing, and the rear has a spool/solid axle. The fully machined dual pivot steering-system is optimised for drifting, to have plenty steering angle. The gearing is also optimised for drifting and a varierty of pullies well be made available. Intro-date may 2014.
Later in the year also a lower priced clubracer and RTR version will be introduced as well on the same basis.

Serpent 747-e 1/10
Based on the European Championship winning 747, Serpent now introduces the electric powered version. This rapidly developing fun-race class is catching the attention of many. The 747-e can best be combined with a 1/8 speedo and 3S battery and 540 BL motor for speed and durabilty.
The racing chassis with its 200mm width and foam tyres ( some even use the wider 1/10 GT tyres and GT body) combined with the more durable overall suspension of a 1/10 nitro racer.
The complete kit-version will be introduced in march. A conversion-set for as 747 is already selling:

Spyder 2wd SXR-2 Ready To Race buggy 1/10
Based on the RM version of the Spyder range, SerpentSport will introduce the Spyder buggy RTR. Very close to the race model with all set-up features included. The RTR version comes with durable composite shocktowers and battery-top-plate, and features the same high end drivetrain parts of the race version. Introduction planned in april 2014.

Serpent Cobra GT Ready-to-race 1/8
Bot in EP and GP version, SerpentSport will release the ready to Race version of the popular GT class. Based on the World Champs winning Cobra GT race platform. Both come complete with Dragon 2.4 GHz transmitter with LCD, DragonRC GT racetyres on BBS style wheel and prepainted and pre-cut GT body. The EP version comes with waterproof DragonRC speedo and 2490kv BL motor , The nitro version comes with the powerfull Novarossi 3P pullstart engine with polished pipe-system, and automatic 2-speed gearbox.
More details in a press release soon. The Cobra GT RTR EP will be ready in march, and the GP version in april !

Also on display the Serpent 1/8 Viper WC edition, in celebration of the WC victory, and the Spyder RM and the recently introduced Spyder Buggy MM version.

Under the Serpent line we also introduce prepainted and semipainted bodies for 1/10 190mm, for the Cobra Buggy and for the Spyder RM and MM in 4 different colors.

Serpent is working on some more update models about which info will follow soonest and some complete new models for late 2014 introduction, but its too early to release details …. !

Will keep you posted.

Team Serpent