My location: United States
Jul 16, 2013

Customization of the radiobox for the installation of the Speed Passion Silver Arrow V 2.0 (ESC)
on to the Serpent 811 Cobra Be and Be 2.0, (Buggy 1 : 8, 4WD). The same may also apply to similar ESC / motor combo's.

techtip made by: Dalibor Valder cooperator of RC Car magazine from CZ.

During the installation of the speed controller I stumbled upon an issue with the routing of the sensor cable from the ESC to the motor. I have engineered a solution, which I would like to present to you through a series of photographs. For this customization I have made use of common workshop tools:
- Caliper 0 – 100 mm
- Electric drill and a 3mm drill bit
- Reamer for the lexan body
- File
- Cable ties

Fig. 1 Housing for the ESC

Fig. 2 Installation point for the electric motor and routing of the sensor cable from the ESC to the motor

Fig. 3 Tryout placement of the ESC

Fig. 4 Speed Passion Silver Arrow V2.0 ESC with the connector for the sensor cable

Fig. 5 Creation of the hole to route the sensor cable from the ESC to the motor through

Fig. 6 Sensor cable pushed through the hole from to motor to the ESC

Fig. 7 Hole (3 mm in diameter) drilled into the reinforcement and fastening of the sensor cable with a cable tie to ensure against unwanted movement and/or contact with the driveshaft

Fig. 8 Final installation of the sensor cable from the ESC to the motor, the sensor cable is being secured by two cable ties attached to the plastic side piece through 3 mm holes

Fig. 9 Cable length check to ensure that the motor can be dismantled without the need for the cables to be unsoldered

Fig. 10 Assembly of the new cables from the batteries to the ESC

Fig. 11 General view of the wiring in the Serpent 811 Cobra Be 2.0 buggy