My location: United States
Apr 17, 2013

Serpent started shipping the brand-new Serpent Cobra E-Buggy 2.0 last week. Kits should be available from yr LHS in this or latest next week.

Serpent 1/8 scale buggy in electric powered version. Serpent Cobra Buggy E. The Cobra 811e is based on the same platform as the gaspowered buggy. State of the art design of the central section, with advanced integrated standing servo, receiver, speedo bracket, ingenious motor-bracket and lay-down Lipo-pack configuration with practical lid-system. Extremely narrow and low design, optimised for overall weight balance. New low body-design and lower rear wing / wingmount. Key new features - new rear end geometry with longer lower arms - more shocktravel - larger bearings in the transmission and wheelaxles.

Full info here :