My location: United States
Apr 17, 2012

Australian top-driver Ryan Maker has joined Team Serpent.

Ryan will mainly run the Serpent 411 in the 1/10 TC class, but also likes to run the Serpent 966 in the 1/8 scale class a lot.

Below an interview with Ryan .

Q: What is your profession ?
A: I Study full time at University in a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance)

Q: How many years are you racing RC cars and which classes you run ?
A; I have been racing 7 years, and have only ever ran 1/10th EP, GP and 1/8th GP Onroad. Currently I only drive 1/8 GP with 966TE and 1/10th EP with S411TE

Q: How many races do you do per year and how often make test ?
A: I test at least once every two weeks. I’m hoping to be able to do more testing in future. I do about 4-5 Big Australian Races in EP and about 2-3 in GP.

Q: Do you prefer outdoor racing or indoor ?
A: In Australia we only race outdoor on asphalt.

Q: What do you like best on the 411 and 966 ?
A: I think the design of the cars is amazing. Everything has been very well thought out. The materials used are very good quality. I find the cars to both have a lot of natural steering, which is something I really look for in a car! I also really like the fact that there is very little to upgrade

Q: Which optional parts are you using ?
A: S411TE: One Piece motor mount, Hard Plastics, Titanium Turnbuckles and Suspension pins, DJC. 966TE: Alloy Servo Saver, Alloy clutch bell and black shoe.

Q: Which body, electronics, engine, motor, radio and tyres do you use ?
A: S411TE: Protoform LTC/Mazda Speed 6, Speed Passion ESC and Motor, Sanwa M11X Radio and Servo. 966TE: Protoform P909/R15B, Sanwa Servo, REDS M7T Engine, Sanwa M11X Radio, Enetti Tires.

Q: What are your main goals for 2012 ?
A: I would like to win the National Titles in both classes. I think 1/8 will be harder for me to win than EP, but it is something I’d really like to do since my little time racing GP.

Q: What is your next bigger race ?
A: I have Muchmore Masters in Sydney from 17th-20th May.

Best Regards,
Ryan Maker