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Mar 14, 2012

The production and logistics department have made many extra hours to get all the new kits ready for release.

The following kits are now ready to ship, and will arrive to your hobby shop in the next 2 weeks depending on shipping time:

Serpent 411-FF
Serpent 411-TE
Serpent 966-TEv2

The next batch of the Serpent Cobra Buggy 811-TE will ship end march again.

We now proceed with production of the Serpent Cobra 1/8 GT, the 411 Sport and the Serpent 747, all planned for april relase.

The Serpent 411-FF is the front wheel drive version of the very popular Serpent 411 TC.

Marc Fischer won the 2012 TITC race in Thailand with the 411-FF ahead of Groskamp and Hara.

The Serpent 411 TC received a nice update and now includes:

New in the Team Edition: - New RCM shocks ( with membrane) - top-deck flex 2mm - carbon Lipo holders - improved geardiff with new gears and new shafts - larger foam front bumper - longer rear anti-roll bar to use alternative link position on lower arm - alu ballraced steeringplate with adjustable Ackermann - spur-gear included - thicker / stiffer bodyposts - update manual booklet 411-TE

The Serpent 966-TE also received a 2012 update to become the v2 version:

- Centax True Motion centax clutch
- RCM shockabsorbers

to make an almost perfect car, more perfect .

Team Serpent