My location: United States
Dec 22, 2011

Serpent has created an online forum called:

The forum offers a number of functions

- general forum per race class to discuss all car and event related information

- specific forum for Readers Rides Concourse, which includes and price-winning monthly election, more info below

- specific forum for drivers with idea's for further improve the Serpent cars, like co-deveopment, also here good idea's will be rewarded. More below.

Many reasons to join in, so apply for membership now.

You can upload your image or images into the forum for that period. The upload files appears in the lower part of the screen /page of the forum, when you create a new post. Size of around 800x600 pix is large enough.

At the end of each month a Serpent based jury will chose the “Readers Ride “ of the month. The winner and the runner up will be rewarded with a product from the Serpent merchandising line, shipped to their home-address in the right size.

Just ad your text and nice images to the Drivers “Ride” Award forum, in the right month-forum. The winners will be made public through our website and the forum itself. There must be a minimum of 25 entrees to award the, if not reached, the entrees will continue into the new month. Professional body painters are not allowed.
There will be no correspondance on the jury outcome.

In this forum you can share with Serpent, your idea's on improvements of the cars. The best idea's will be rewarded with a gift based on the value of the idea. This will be made public in the Serpent website and in this forum.

Set-up forum; where you can upload your set-up sheets, as image.