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Dec 19, 2011

Martin Crisp

Q and A Interview

Q: Its great news to hear you will join Serpent, racing the Serpent 411 ; when will you start racing it ?
A: I can't wait to start racing the 411. I believe it will arrive this week, so I will be racing it this weekend at our local track. I will also be racing it at the snowbirds race in January.

Q: What do you like about the Serpent 411 mostly ?
A: The quality and strong materials along with a great overall design that takes into consideration an even amount left and right flex on the chassis.

Q: Which main races do you have planned for 2012 ?
A: Snowbirds, IIC, Roar Nats, US Indoor champs.

Q: Which electronics, radio-gear, body and tyres will you be using ?
A: I love my ORCA motors, ESC and batteries. Dale's Protoform bodies are the best. You can't beat the balance of the Speed 6. For radio I have been thinking of switching from my Airtronics to something that has the ability to angle the steering wheel.

Q: Whats your occupation in daily life ?
A: I have been in the software business for over 20 years and I just kicked off another Software Product Company called "Requirements Studio" that focuses on building software tools to help software requirements authors define and communicate requirements to developers and testers.

Also not part of the "Requirements Studio" business, and just for fun thing, I built a mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices that helps drivers understand the art and science of RC Car Chassis Setup. The app is called "RC Setup Workbench". It provides tremendous details about setup, and also allows you to store setups on your device as well as read related RC news feeds.

Q: Any quote or news for your Serpent fans ?
A: I am in my late 40s, still improving and still loving this hobby! Keep the shinny side up and keep smiling.

We wish you best of luck and lots of fast races in the time to come !

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