My location: United States
Aug 13, 2011

Marc Fischer had a crash with Krapp in Final 1 and Final 2, so he ended last in both.

In the 3rd run Fischer had a superb pace. A stop and go penalty slowed him down a bit, but after this break, his race-pace was even better, setting the fastest lap-time of the 3rd run of all, and finishing a superb 4th place in the end.

The 3 results together meant a 8th place overall.

Looking forward to the DM in september and the ETS races in 2011.

Mark Fischer took 3rd, 2nd, 3rd and twice 11th spot, taking 7th overall with his 411 in the 1st major race in his new Serpent team. He is very happy with the 411 car, and team work with Hergarten works well.


Team Serpent
in Austria