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May 25, 2011

Serpent drivers are doing well in the 2 openings rounds of qualifying.

Both Eberle and Giesa in the top 4 with Serpent 966, only about 3.5 sec off the leader.

Hennemuth, Depta, Pupke and Dutchie Baggen all in he top 20 too.

Gruber, Stark, Lechner and Haling ran good laptimes, but need the find the consistency to be higher up.

2 more runs on friday. Lets hope the weather keep up.

Team Serpent

The open practise in Hildesheim, Germany is over. Great start of the EFRA EC-B 1/8 with over 100 drivers, great weather, super track and great club taking care of an excellent EC event. Great stuff.

Fastest Serpent is Giesa in 2nd with Eberle, Depta, Pupke and Gruber showing great speed too.

Thursday qualifying starts.

Follow the action:

Results so far:


Team Serpent