My location: United States
Apr 16, 2011

The last day of the WC in USA on saturday, did not bring the expected results.

The aces of Serpent from the quarter and semi all had their issues to cope with.

Green had and unwilling engine in the early stages of the quarter, loosing to much time there to play a role anymore. Cristiani raced very well in the quarter, but suffered a torn fuel-line in the semi. Branson made it to the semi in great style, but had clutch/2-speed related issues into the final. Salven suffered radio glitsches in the warm-up of the semi and could not fix it. Paolo had a strong start of the semi, but a broken plug around lap 20, created an 80 sec lap ( so costing around 4 laps). Still in an amazing 3rd place in the end, but the other semi 4th place made 1 more laps. So the 4 laps missed by the plug failure, cost him deerly, as his speed was truly fast.

Congratulations to Pietsch with his victory. Shame of the rain in the end, as also Balestri had same chances for the overall win too, very close till the end, just seconds apart.

Thanks to the IFMAR and Homestead club to host the 2011 WC.

Team Serpent will head to the track again today, to do further testing. Development goes on !

Team Serpent