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Jan 14, 2011

The Serpent 966 has excelled in competitions worldwide and drivers are very happy with the easy handling and very-fast chassis.

The developments of the 2010 season have now been incorporated in the Serpent 966-EVO:

- Serpent Flex Control rear end
- delrin bushings to capture the rear anti-roll bar bearings
- delrin bushings to capture the 2-speed shaft bearings
- ventilated, lightweight mono-disk brake now standard
- 3mm rear anti-roll bar wire type standard

The Michael Salven designed rear end of the Serpent 966 has caught the attention of other brands, and is becoming a popular choice.

The Serpent 966-EVO is available between mid january and end of january, depending on your location and LHS.

Below evolutions are now integrated in the 966-EVO version.

- SFC rear end; Serpent Flex Control rear end, by which the brackets holding the 2-speed shaft and the brackets holding the rear diff, can be connected with either aluminium inserts, or rubber inserts, or leave in full flex mode. Track-conditions and personal preference will decide what to use. Its fast and easy to change it.
o more flex, no connection
o some flex: use the rubber connector
o limited flex: use the aluminium connector
- The rear anti-roll bar ball-bearings are seated in delrin bushings to isloate vibrations
- The 2-speed shaft bearings are seated in derlrin inserts for optimized fit and to isolate vibrations.
- Ventilated, lightweight mono-disk brake now standard
- 3mm rear anti-roll bar wire type standard

The 2011 IFMAR World Championships are held already in april 2011, Florida, USA.

Serpent is developing some new parts for the 966 car, specific for the WC track and conditions in the USA. These new developments will be made available soon after the worlds for everyone too.

Serpent’s top-drivers like Andrea Cristiani, Mark Green, Paolo Morganti, Michael Salven, Scott Kimbrow, , Ilia van Gastel, Masao Tanaka, Fabio Domanin and also some strong new talents will be defending the Serpent colors at the Worlds.

Lots of testing for the WC will be carried out in the coming months. We will keep you posted on the progress.

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