My location: United States
Oct 22, 2010

Late 2010 Serpent will introduce the next car in the line of Serpent Cobra's:
Serpent Cobra-T Truggy 1/8 scale gas powered

The new Billy Easton designed Cobra-T.

Sharing many of the same parts and design elements of the buggy, the Truggy is different in many aspects and requires quite a selection of specific parts as well.

The larger wheel/tyres and different body-type style, together with longer wheel-base do require intensive testing to find again the right balance in the car, as well as the correct level of grip and to be very good on large jumps too.

The end result is a very sleek and “low” design, with a perfect left to right and front to back balance, making it a very nimble car and easy to push very hard out on the track.

Release of the new truggy is planned for early December 2010.

Check out the video of the 1st test in USA.

More info to be follow in the next weeks.

Team Serpent