My location: United States
Jul 25, 2010

In the USA, the 1/10 scale IFMAR WC is getting underway.

Serpent's r&d wizard Michael Salven has been working on a new rear suspension link system, we now call DLS-system ( Direct Link System).

The basic idea is not 100% new, but to create the system to work in todays rc cars, in this case the Serpent 733, is really new and highly innovative.

The system is and looks really simple, as with many good things.

The Direct Link system is activated during cornering mainly, whereby the outer suspension forces are transfered partially to the inner wheel too, with a pivot-link system.

The results is more rubber on the track, more traction and more even tyre wear, resulting in significantly faster and easier cornering and possible better laptimes.

So far we have not been using the rear anti-roll bar anymore, as the DLS system, takes over that "action".

All Serpent drivers taking part in the WC 2010, will receive such DLS-set as Serpent factory-gift.

Witin 1 month after the WC, the DLS set will also be sold world-wide, through the regular distribution channels. More info to follow. #804223

Team Serpent