My location: United States
Jun 6, 2010

European Champion 1/8 B in Monaco

On Monday our boxes were still full up... The track was open for free practice for everyone and always could run 10 pilots for 10 minutes long. This was perfect for everbody and on Tuesday they started practice in heats!
We had 8 groups with 13 Pilots, but my opinion was that 13 Pilotas were too much for this small track, so we saw some crashs and mistakes in the track!

But after a few runs we know the guys from the heats and the practice gets better and better! I run with my Serpent 966 and maxpower! The track gets faster and faster, from the beginn i start with my Fiorano Set-up! It looks easy and good, i liked the track from the beginning. It’s really nice to race in Monaco...

Step by step we could test more things and i got faster. At one day i could overtake the record with 14,1 sec. But the time was still not enough fast! The day after 5 peoples came under the 14 sec. I could made also one lap with 13,9 J
And i was always in the top 10. They counted the best 5 laps together and made a ranking list every day! And at least with this list we took the qualifications groups!
After the 15 practice, the last one, i could end at 10 place; so i was in the last group together with many Italiens, Swiss and England drivers.. The most Pilots there used an serpent J

Our team was great, on Thursday evening we had a serpent meeting up the hill on the serpent – Fun & Drive stand, and it was really very funny there!
Also our German team was perfect, we could work the whole week very good together!! There a big thank to Birgitt Debert for her very good Team Manager job...

So on Friday we started with 2 control practice and after the lunch 2 qualifications! After the practices we had still 5 Serpent in the top 10. So the heats could start already... But unfortunately i get not one head perfect! I don’t know whats happened, but the time started to run and i had no heat…
On saturday the same problem again, no heat i just had one save quali but this was to slow, and i was really at 19. place after the 4 qualis L

Top 10 qualifiers
1. Lorenzi Andrea (IT) – 30 Laps in 7:11.141 [Serpent]
2. Wood Tim (GB) – 30 Laps in 7:12.939 [Serpent]
3. Kurzbuch Simon (CH) – 30 Laps in 7:13.302 [Velox]
4. Ermen John (NL) – 30 Laps in 7:13.678 [Serpent]
5. Sting Philip (GER) – 29 Laps in 7:01.583 [Mugen]
6. Comoglio Emanuele (MON) – 29 Laps in 7:01.753
7. Colinet Gerald (FR) – 29 Laps in 7:03.231 [Serpent]
8. Du Lac Eduardo (PT) – 29 Laps in 7:03.519 [Velox]
9. Riccobono Stephane (FR) – 29 Laps in 7:03.903 [Serpent]
10.Tedeschi Alberto (IT) – 29 Laps in 7:04.254 [Serpent]

We started to prepare the car, engine and tyres etc for the big day on Sunday! My dad, Veronica, Daniele and i made the car etc, Franziska and Andrea were helping for tyres... I had a lot of work in front of me! My ¼ final started after the lunch time around 2 o clock. I had a start-finish race... I won the final with one lap in front after 20 minutes run! Also my mechanics did a great and fast job there J We had a good idea for the final, because the most drivers there had big problems with the tyres wear! But with my driving stil i lost after 20 minutes just 6 mm, and some other drivers lost this 6mm already in 10 minutes..
For the Semifinal, i took the time out, i tested again something with tyres and fuel, so i made easy the 5 minutes! And also for the start it was much better to start at last and not at 8 position, because we started all together at the streat and there were really just 1,5 meters between the next car.. And the crashs after the streats were already planed!! So i could start from the last and could overtake all crashs.. After the first tank stop i could go in front on first position and i never left this place! So i won also this final with 3/4 lap in front!!

In the end we were 6 Serpent in the final and 2 German drivers! I came into the final with the starting number 7 J
I had a bad start, i tryed to make the start realy slow and my plan was, the other go in front, because i know all must change the tyres completly one or two times and I not!! But one car behind me crashed me after the streat and i was on last position! Andrea Lorenzi, Simon Kurzbuch, Ermen John and Tim Wood go in front. After a few minutes Andrea made a mistake and was last, Tim and Ermen get in front i was already at place 6. But than happened a big crash, Alberto and Simon crashed in front of me; Alberto could race but Simon had a lot of turns and i didn’t saw him and i crashed him, with this big bumper broke my front belt after 22 laps L So we changed the front belt and i lost already 15 minutes! This time i could never overtake, I just overtook Simon K. because his car was also distroyed. Tim was with one lap already in front and than broke the servo screw and the car go streat! So also he lost the first position! After all this crashs and mistakes from other drivers, Alberto could go in front after his second tyres stop and Ermen was directly behind him! It was really crazy to see all the cars after 30-40 Minutes… all drivers finished the tyres i was the only one were could drove fast laps! But Ermen had after the race unluck his tankful was too big and he got DQ... So came Andrea Lorenzi at the podium and we had 3 Italien drivers there with 2 Serpent 966. Thats really crazy!

Final results

1. Tedeschi Alberto, Serpent 966/max (IT) – 178 Laps in 45:01.465
2. Ciurlante Andrea (IT) – 175 Laps in 45:01.957
3. Lorenzi Andrea, Serpent 966/max (IT) – 175 Laps in 45:05.047
4. Comoglio Emanuele (MON) – 174 Laps in 45:01.711
5. Colinet Gerald, Serpent 966/RB (FR) – 170 Laps in 45:12.225
6. Wood Tim, Serpent 966/megaDS4 (GB) – 165 Laps in 45:00.588
7. Federmann Maximilian (GER) – 159 Laps in 42:14.535
8. Lechner Sabrina, Serpent 966/max (GER) – 118 Laps in 45:08.517
9. Kurzbuch Simon (CH) – 97 Laps in 34:27.166
10.Ermen John, Serpent 966/RB (NL) – DQ

I would like to say thanks for the race organisation in Monaco, everything was good there, just the parking for camping could be a bit better with shower etc. But everything was good, thanks to race Director Franky, Sander, Angelo, Ernesto etc. We had realy a lot of good guys there to control the race!!

Big thanks to my crew, Papa, my sisters (Veronica & Franziska), Daniele Ielasi and Michael Salven. They do the whole week a great job and helped me everywhere!!
I had a perfect set up, perfect engines and perfect tyres!!
Also thanks to: Serpent, Max-Power, GQ tyres, IDM, MLC-Fuel, Savox, Blitz, TEAM Titan and Lmi-Racing

See you in the next race!
Ciao ciao Sabrina