My location: United States
Jul 17, 2009

The preparations for the EC are mostly done, just a few more days to start the EC in Gubbio, Italy.

Around 15 drivers will run the 733 car in Gubbio, some of them are building the car now, or will get it this weekend ... lots of nice work ahead.

Michael Salven's 733 car had its last check thursday on the MACH track and its now ready for Italy.

Michael is using the Mega DSIII engine to power his Serpent 733. You can also see the new small INS Box mounted.

As you can see in the images, Michael added some pcs of foam on the body, in addition to the bumper.

Depending on the body you race this may be worthwile. The Stratus, Civic and the Altis will be the popular choices in Gubbio.

Jilles Groskamps 733 car is being prepared by Stef here internally.

Jilles raced all tuesday as final test of the car and was totally happy. Very fast and consistent.

Jilles will race the Max Power engines. Also here a small INS box mounted in clear version.

Jilles has race obligations for Tamiya EP at the ETS race in Germany this weekend, and will arrive to the track monday-night with mechanic Rene Cornella.

We wish all drivers, and especially the 720 and 733 racers, the best of luck and fun at the 2009 EC in Gubbio.

Serpent will hand out a goody-bag at the race and will stage a Serpent drivers/mechanics meeting with snacks and drinks on wednesday or thursday-evening after racing.

We are keeping a bottle of champagne within reach, stored cold for now. Who knows ..... lets go for it !

Team Serpent