My location: United States
Mar 16, 2009

Below a brief interview ( Q and A) with this very talented, fast and young driver:

Q: Hello Sabrina, can you telll us why you like rc racing, at which age you started rc racing, with which car and which age you are now ( if we may ask :))
A: I like it because i like the rc (modelcar), formula1, motor GP and all what is fast and with engine i like. Also the people are very friendly on the track.
I was basically born in this hobby, I was 2 month old when I stood the first time in Italy on the track. I think I started when I was 10 years old with the Serpent Impulse 1:10 after I change to 1:8. Now I’m 19 years old.

Q: Which races do you plan to run this year ? Both national and international
EC B Cassino
WC Lostallo
all Efra GP’S
German Championship in Hildesheim
Races in Germany for the Qualification

EC A Gubbio
German Championship in Türkheim
Races in Germany for the Qualification

Q: Will you have a fast mechanic for this season ? and if yes who is he or she ?
A: Yeah sure, my Papa (daddy) is my best mechanic, but also my sisters Veronica and Franzisca help him in the pitlane and for adjust all on the cars.
Only in Gubbio he don’t have time and I have Jirka Hassler (SerpentEurope / 2-speed)

Q: Do you work on the car yourselves too, like maintenance and set-up or do you concentrate on the driving ?
A: No, I concentrate on the driving.... but I help to clean the car and prepare the tyres as well.

Q: What is your occupation at the moment and what are the future plans ?
A: Now I work in the company of my mam, but in the future I want to work only for the modelcars.

Q: Whats was your best race and result so far ?
A: Best Junior on the German Champ more times
13. Place EC B in Austria
2. Place on the German Champ
South German Champ 2008

Q: What is your favourite race-track and why ?
A: Normaly in Germany Rosenheim because it’s my home track and it\'s not easy to drive but I like this track. But international I prefer Fiorano in Italy as it’s not too far to drive and a very nice track and demanding .

Q: Whats is your main goal for this 2009 season ?
A: I want one good race in Cassino , and I hope I can drive the WC 1:8 in Lostallo

Q: When and where is your first big race this year ?
A: The first race is the EFRA GP 1:8 in France on 22. march
And in may I have the EC B in Cassino

Thanks for the interview, we hope you will share some race-results with us during this season and good luck !!
Sure of course, I want drive as many races as I can!
Best Regards, Sabrina