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Jan 30, 2009

Markus Mobers is the co-designer of the Serpent S120 and brought Serpent a wealth of knowledge and racing experience.

Below a brief interview with him.

Q: As winter means Indoor season and lots of 1/12 scale racing, I imagine you must enjoy it now ?
A: Yes sure, very much, I started with 1/12 when I was a little boy and since then it has always been my favorite class. I have never ever missed a season since 1985.

Q: We heard that you became a family man recently ? Will you still have time to race ;)
A: Oh yes, we have a little boy called Mika. So cute, love it. I am glad that I have a wife that accepts this sport very much and will for sure continue racing.

Q: What kind of job do you have , which allows so much racing ?
A: Well, actually time is short, my main job is analyzing costs (local government) at our home town here. Besides I have a small shop for 1/12 racing called SpeedTech RC.

Q: As you are the co-designer of the Serpent S120 , what is your opinion now that the car is in the market and in the hands of many drivers ?
A: I am very proud on what we did. The S120 features a lot of unique things that work very well. The acceptance and feedback of drivers is fine and that makes me look positive into the future.

Q: the S120 car has a variety of set-up possibilities which are different or in addition to what other cars offer; are drivers making use of them and have they learnt how to make us of them ?
A: Sure, specially the front axle options and the t-bar slider are a great thing. During my period in 1/12 there were not enough options from other manufacturers, so all my input went into the S120. I think people love the options as you can adjust the S120 on any circumstances. Sure, sometimes people need some help to learn the new adjustments, but that’s what I am here for J

Q: what is your favourite indoor track ?
A: I love the Schermbeck track in Germany, as well as the Snowbirds tracks. They are super smooth!

Q: which equipment do you use in your S120 ( tyres/electronics/body) ?
A:I use Xceed/Jaco tires, LRP speedo, motor and charger, LRP/Xceed batteries, Sanwa transmitter and Parma bodyshells.

Q: what are your racing plans for 2009 ? and what the first in line ?
A: Well…next up is the Snowbirds race, which is very important for me and Serpent. I wanna do very good there to present the car to the US crowd. That race is followed by the EC 1/12 Stock in Hemsteede and the German Nats.

Sadly I can’t do the EC 1/12 Modified in Italy as it is the same date than the Snowbirds. Too bad EFRA did not pay attention on the dates.

Thanks for the interview and good luck at the Snowbirds, USA and the Superstock EC in Holland.

Team Serpent

Last minute addition:
Markus is racing now at the Snowbirds and until friday with racing his S120, he is 4th in mod, 2nd in 10.5 and 3rd in the 10.5 class so far.

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