My location: United States
Nov 16, 2008

This past weekend we had the first round(of five) of the Edelweiss 1/12 cup in Oey.

This was the first time that Shasa Lackner drove the S120.Feeling comfortable with the car right from the beginning he dominated the whole weekend.

He won both the A finals each by by 2 laps.

Next races for the Edelweiss 1/12 Cup: be there !
18.01.2009 in Liestal
15.2.2009 in Diemtigen-Oey
22.3.2009 in Liestal
29.3.2009 in Stans

Setup von Shasa
Standard T-bar
Standard springs front
mono-shock 2000 oil
center-shock 800 oil
Standard center-shock spring
Corally double pink tyres front and rear
Wide track front
Front upper arm short
ackerman shims 1mm
battery mount front
tweak medium
diff balls ceramic 3.2mm
diff plates standard
diff medium
ride hight rear 4.5mm
ride hight front 4.0mm