My location: United States
Nov 4, 2008

Dear S120 customers,

Since there are a lot of questions about our new 1/12 scale race car, I wanna bring you some useful info to you.
I practiced a lot the last two weeks at the fine Megadrom track here in Geilenkirchen, Germany.

First day of practice was a good one to start off. I ran the standard setup from the kit.
The car was a little bit oversteered in mid-corner and also the corner speed was too low, due to nervousity.
Anyway, I was only 3 tenth off the track record (14,38), so the potential was there.

The second day I focused on a smooth car. First I changed the rear side damper from 800 cst oil to 1400 cst oil. (3 holes)
The corner speed was much better and the car felt much smoother. Still in mid corner I had oversteer. I decided to change from a 6 degree caster block to a 3 degree block and from 0,50 front springs to 0,55 springs. Dang….that was the change I was looking for…what a car!

The laptimes decreased to 14,40, so I was getting closer to what I wanted.
The third and last day of practice was even better. I changed from Protoform Speed 12 to a Parma Speed 8 HD. Also I went from Jaco doublepink front tyres to Jaco magenta.

There it was, a 14,30!, and some more 14,3-14,5 laps were awesome, never ran that fast on my hometrack which whatever brand of car.

All in all I am very happy about things are going and I am very sure we are not at the end of the potential of a still brand new car.

Here is my setup, give it a try:

T-bar : soft
Cell position : rear
Caster block : 3 degree
Front springs : 0,55 mm
Center shock spring : red
Center shock oil : 400 cst (3 holes)
Side damper oil : 1400 cst (3 holes)
Front upper arm position : long
Plate under caster block : 1mm
Tweak position : rear (hard)
Front tires : Xceed/Jaco magenta
Rear tires : Xceed/Jaco doublepink
Bodyshell : Parma Speed 8 HD
Additive : Speedtech Foam Liquid
Speed controller : LRP Sphere Comp. 2007
Motor : LRP 4,5 Turns
Servo : JR 3650

Take and have fun testing!!

Also use the new set-up sheet from the S120 site.

Markus Mobers-Team Serpent