My location: United States
Nov 3, 2008

In the past weekend the Danish race Schumacher Cup was run I Århus, Denmark.
As always it was the local club ARCR who arranged the race together with Randers Hobby Import.
This was also to be the first race on Danish soil, where Brushless motors where to be used in the Super Stock division.

The best hopes for a top result were in the hands of three time Danish champion in Super Stock, Nicolai Nielsen. But chances of getting more then one S400 in the A main was present with the attending of Steven M. Olsen and Martin N.O. Hansen who both has been running fast at pre season testing.

Martin’s chances of an A-main result were however ruined by severe problems with the electronics all through Saturday. These were fixed by the last qualifier on Sunday morning, but still put him back as 9th in the B-main.
Steven was going faster as Saturday went by, and with by setting 7th best time in the last round on Sunday morning, he was able to grab the 10th and last spot in the A-main.
Nicolai was not happy about the car at the beginning, as he couldn’t get the grip wanted. However he was still able to run some very fast rounds of qualifying and was never out of top five in the five rounds of qualifying. This put him on second spot for the A-main.

In the B-mains Martin showed that had he not been struggling with electrical problems on Saturday, he would have been in play for a spot in the A-main. From 9th on the grid he drove up through the field and finished 2nd, 2nd and 3rd in the three rounds of mains. This put him 3rd in the B-main, and 13th overall. A great recovery from Martin, showing his potential, as he also finished 2nd in the Danish Championships in the GP 1:10IC division this past summer.

The A-mains were very close and exiting. However the driving was not at the best at all times.
Steven drove some sensible mains starting at the very end of the grid. He knew he would not be able to fight for the win, so he drove the best he could and was honored with an overall 9th place. A good result for his first indoor race this season, and a good starting point for the coming races.
At the other end of the grid, Nicolai got a bad start to the first main. Through the first corner the TQ racer Carsten Madsen gets a bad start – Nicolai hesitates a bit – but as he attempts to overtake on the inside, the two cars meet side by side and both cars spins out. Even thought Nicolai is issued a Stop&Go penalty, he is able to recover at fourth place and very close to the third spot.
In the second A-main Nicolai get of well and is behind Madsen. About four laps into the race Nicolai as rammed of the track by an opponent and have to struggle back up through the field. Again he recovers at fourth place.
At this point it looks very interesting. Many drivers can still make the podium. How ever only two has the possibility to take the win – Nicolai is sadly not one of them, but a podium finish is possible with a good last run.
Third and last A-main goes well. Nicolai is able to stay right behind the leader all through the race and take second spot.

The overall result; Nicolai Nielsen takes 2nd place at the Schumacher Cup DK 2008 with Carsten Madsen (Xray) as winner and Søren Jeppesen (Tamiya) as third.

With 40 driver listed for the race, and three Serpent S400 among, and to put two of them in the A-main and have all three well within the Top15 is a good start to the season. Hopefully this was just the start of a good season for the Danish Serpents.