My location: United States
Jan 14, 2008

DJ Apolaro took an important win at the Fort Myers track over the weekend in the 5th round of the Florida State Series but what made this event so important was that many of factory drivers from across the US where in attendance in preparation for the up coming WinterNats - the unofficial World Championships!

DJ sent us the following report from the event -

Well this weekend was the 5th round of the Florida State Series held at the Fort Myers Track. This race is often used as the Winternats warm-up race and there were many out of towners getting their cars ready for the big event next month.

I showed up on Saturday morning and started getting ready for the weekend. There was a lot of testing that I wanted to do for the Winternats Race. This is a points series race and I have not run the entire series so I had to qualify with the slower cars. This made it hard on my qualifying, but I still made it into the main in 4th place. There were some fast guys here this weekend, but I felt good going into the final. My car was very good and I got my motor, clutch and shift point were I wanted it. For the main I decided to pit early at 4 minutes and this would give me an extra pit. I needed to make sure I had a lead to account for the extra pit.

At the start of the main it was very clean for the first 6 or 7 cars and we made a gap from the others. I was able to pick a few pockets and by the first lap I was in 2nd place. I came up on first and followed for about 2 laps and than made a move. From that point I was able to just drive the car normal. The car was so easy to drive that I could pull fast laps with very little effort. Once I got into a groove my laps stayed within 2 tenths the entire race, except for traffic moments. My pitman and I were able to bring home the victory (we all know this is a team sport, not just the driver) and are looking forward to the Winternats.

I would like to thank the Fort Myers crew for having a track for us to run and to Forgass for having the Series every year. Special thanks to Maxy for the Pit Work. Thanks to my sponsors who give me the products it takes to win races at the highest level of competition - Serpent-USA, Maxy\'s Fuel, Twister Tires USA and Novarossi World.

Till next race,

DJ Apolaro