My location: United States
Oct 10, 2007

Massimo Fantini has continued to lead the way in Argentina by going faster in Wednesdays round 3 and 4, held early for the faster heats 7-12. The Italian driver, racing the Serpent 960 bettered his previous pole time by 9 seconds to secure the top spot going into the final days qualifting. The 2nd position is held by Lamberto Collari, over 3 seconds behind, with Adrien Bertin in 3rd and Chris Tosolini in 4th.

The rest of the Serpent team are also doing well with Italian Michele Romagnoli in 10th place just in front of his team mates Michael Salven in 11th and Mark Green in 12th with fuel consumption still playing a major role including trying to adjust to the changing conditions which are still causing some problems for the team.

The first of the Sahashi brothers is Tadahiko who put in a steady run to claim 16th after todays runs, placing ahead of Andrea Cristiani in 24th, Paolo Morganti now lines up 33rd and Steven Cuypers in 36th the Belgian struggling with a loose rear end of the car. All drivers have only 2 more runs to improve their times and make it into the semi final and to help that the team got together to discuss setup changes and other race tactics at the Serpent booth in the paddock area.