My location: United States
Jun 12, 2006

Semi B was won by Marco Vanni ahead of Markus Lindner and third Vrielick, in the final some fast drivers like Solaroli, Salemi, Green and Cuypers all ran into different problems.

In Semi final A there was more close racing and four drivers from this faster final joined the A-main, it meant that Rick got unlucky and got no final spot despite beeing third in his semi B. Semi A was won by Alberto Picco ahead of fast Sweede Niklas Johansson, 3:rd Oliver Mack and 4:th Mikael Fransson (Serpent)

The final.
3 Serpent, 2 Kyosho, 5 Mugen
Lamberto Collari takes the lead and wins pretty easy, he made no misstakes, he was fast, his engine and car worked without any problems.

For Salven his car seemed to be ok at the start, but when the tires got warmer the car was not so good, shortly after the engine stalled and after that Salven decided to test varoius things with the car for the coming EC in July. Daniele Ielasi was on a good pace but had some minor problems and finishes second after Collari. Marco Vanni gets 3:nd only a few seconds ahead of Alberto Picco. 3 Sweedes into the final Mikael Fransson (S960)was fast in the start but broke a glowplug just after 6 laps and the final was over, Markus Lindner (S960) had a nice race and could finish in a 7:th position well deserved after a good run, and Niklas Johansson who was fast got a good 6:th place, one crash less and he would have been even higher.

All in all a well organised race by the local club of Staffantorp Sweden.
This GP was a test for the coming Euros, both for drivers and organisation.
Let us hope we can have such nice weather also for the Euros in July.
Looking at all the cars and the track for the past weekend, it is no doubt that he Euros will be tough, exiting and fun!!!!

Shortly after the price ceremony there was lots of cars on the track again, all of the italians, but now Collari, Ielasi, Picco and others were joined by three new drivers Fantini, Domanin and Cristiani all of them doing testing for the Euros. This sport is no easy game ......