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Nikolai Lamberts reports from Fear Farm in Denmark

This weekend i participated in the third edition of Fear Farm in Tønder RC club, Denmark.

I came in with a bit of worry as i had heard that some of the big guys were coming as well, but i knew i had some good and consistent pace in my car.
Drivers from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Poland had signed up for a weekend of indoor 1/8th racing.

The 2 practice rounds where a bit of a mess when i decided to try out some tires that simply didn’t work out for me..

I had a very inconsistent grip in the rear, so I lost time whenever i was doing highspeed corners because i had to watch out for my rear..

So after these 2 messy rounds of practice i ended as 9. out of 31, which isn’t that bad, but when i knew i had the pace for more.

In the Qualis i swapped from Procurcit tires to AKA tires, which instantly cut away 1 second per lap, and the feeling of the rear was so much better.

I had some engine problems doings the first two qualis though, which meant i was losing time after a jump, when my engine wouldn’t deliver the power.

After the first two Qualis i made a small change to my shock position and got to fix the engine,

And from this point on, my car and engine was running perfectly without any problems.

At the end of 5 quali rounds i had improved from 9 to 5 which i was pretty happy about.

Yet after the qualis i could see i had the pace for a 4. place finish in the final, and a potential podium finish.

In the finals i had the best start of my life, i pulled away together with the 4 other people in front, and eventually 2 guys made a mistake so i bumped up into 3. place.
But sadly after i got up into 3. place i got into a bad rhythm and lost some crucial pace, and was lapping almost 1 second slower than my normal pace, and i feld down to 7th. place
With a few lucky retirements and an insane run where i was lapping the most consistent and fastest i had done the whole weekend, i got into 4. place.
I had my sights set for 3rd. place and was about to unlap myself, but with time running out i didnt have the time to catch him, and i decided to bring the car home.

Conclusion: A great weekend with good pace but room for improvement, and with 5 weeks away for the 1st round of Danish nats at the same track I’m confident for the 2020 season, working hard to swap my overall 2nd place in 2019 for the top spot!

Nikolai Lamberts
Team Serpent Denmark

February 26, 2020

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December 30, 2019

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- New Plus 15mm Super Tough Wing Mount

The state of the art SRX8e PRO will ship from the factory December 2nd.

November 28, 2019

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October 29, 2019
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