My location: United States
Oct 27, 2020

In this difficult year due to Coronavirus situation, with some national races and EC Championship cancelled here in Spain, we was able to race only regional races in the Northwest of Spain here at Galicia.

This year we try also electric touring superstock with the new Serpent X20, racing on same wekeends like our usual category 1/8 On Road Nitro with our Serpent 989.

A lot of work on pits with both categories but really fun, and things goes very well as we won the Championship on both scales with one race to dispute end this month. Both cars X20 & S989 worked very nice in our different tracks, really happy with their performance!

I hope this situation can change soon in the near future to see races with more pilots and see all our friends from other places.

I hope 2021 can be better for all. Only just add my sincere thanks to Serpent and Bumpers Online for their support!
Thank you!

Alvaro Fernández

Team Serpent.