My location: United States
Aug 30, 2023

Hi Racers,

This is my 1st run with the new 990E , build was really great everything just screws together . I built the car , fit all electric’s and set off to Halifax one of the best tracks in the UK for 8th racing , the weather for the weekend was not looking good at all but for a change it turned out much better.
On Saturday I was able to do 5 runs and the car was working great , I made a bit off a mess with the speedo settings but Paul Bellinger came and sorted that out, thanks Paul, there was a few more 990E at this race and they was also super fast with James Connolly and Michael Walton . At this meeting it was really great to see some many 8th entry with over 50 so Saturday was very busy and the whole meeting had a good vibe with lots of fun in the pits. The rain did arrive but it did not dampen things as most got some good running.

Sunday arrived and again weather was much better than shown, after all the rounds off qualifying was done I got TQ with Michael only just missing the TQ by few hundredths and James in 3rd so a 990E top 3.
We had 3 final and I was able to keep my 1st place result so super happy with that and with the car which ran faultless the whole weekend, James was able to pass Michael for 2nd and Michael got 3rd so 990E top 3 after all the finals run.

Serpent Junior drivers also keep winning with Alfie with his 989E and Max with his 990 nitro taking wins in their class.
All the Serpent drivers worked great together helping with set ups and having fun.
Thank you to all at the Halifax club for running a great meeting.

Keep racing fun.
Mark Green
Team Serpent