My location: United States
Aug 15, 2023

After a hiatus of three years, the China National race has made a triumphant return to the schedule, marking its fifth edition hosted in Yongkang, Zhejiang Province. Despite the absence, Serpent has once again showcased remarkable achievements on this renowned track.

In a significant debut at the China National Race, Kenrick entered the Mod class. With determination and skill, he secured the A5 starting position and impressively finished at A4. Notably, his efforts contributed to the team's success, earning the second place in the team standings for the mod class. Kenrick faced the challenge of tire balance, given the absence of control tires across all classes, yet he displayed the true potential of his Serpent X20 2023.

StickKing, navigating his Serpent Sf4 F1, exhibited exceptional prowess in the F1 class. He dominated the track, securing both the TQ and A1 positions, which significantly contributed to the team's victory as the F1 class champions. We extend our gratitude to StickKing for his trust in the Serpent Sf4 and his contribution to this success.

This event once again demonstrates Serpent's commitment to excellence and innovation, as we continue to push boundaries and achieve remarkable results on both the national and international stage.

King Fong
Team Serpent