My location: United States
Apr 11, 2019

EFRA GP Rd1, unfortunately this race didn’t really go to plan for me. In practice my car started good, but trying to improve I lost my way with the setup a little bit. Eventually we were back on pace but unfortunately this wasn’t really till the last round of qualifying so a bit late really.

Anyway the main final was ran in slightly awkward conditions with some wet and dry spots. My car was performing awesome and my Ielasituned tuned engine was on the money making 5 minutes on fuel run time where most were not.

During the final I started 7th, after 2 corners I was 5th before a car trying to correct a slide spun me into the grass so I was then 10th. After around 5-7 minutes I was able to push on and get to around 5th before another 5 minutes would pass and I was able to get to 4th closing 3rd quite quickly. Eventually I got to 3rd before an incident with a back-marker would put me back to 4th some half a lap back. But still comfortably in 4th with a lap and 1/2 in front of 5th. I was able to gain again on 3rd until I got to my tyre stop where we had a few issues with wheel nuts, Dad had a bit of the shakes with his father nerves bless him. Ahh well is what it is.

Thank you Daniele! 💪🏻
I was still in 4th after the tyre stop tho and carried on doing so, again slowly closing in 3rd until around 6 minutes from the the car receiver battery failed and I lost power.
Eventually I was able to finish in 9th place.

Massive thanks to mum and dad, also to Joaquin De Soto and Daniele Ielasi for all their support this week. The result wasn’t what we hoped for but we have Gubbio Italy in a few weeks for Rd2 for the Efra Gp series.

Thanks to all my sponsors

Till next time
Alex Thurston
Team Serpent

Also thank you to Efra and the club for a nice, fun race!