My location: United States
Mar 29, 2019

A big number of drivers attended, alone 75 drivers in the F1 class.
We had a full table of Serpent drivers. By the way: if you want to sit at the serpent table at any event, just let us know.
Practice started well with me finishing second in the first and only free practice and continued like that, with another 2nd place in the controlled practice.
I could actually win the first qualifying before I got lost a little bit in the next runs due to changing track conditions. But still I could start from second place.
For the finals I had sorted out my setup issues, by mostly returning to my ETS Austria setup.
I could Challenge Jan Ratheisky in the first Final, but had no chance for an overtaking move, as we had basically the same speed.
In the second final, I was faster, but trying to prepare an overtaking move on the outside, our cars touched, an I ended up one more place behind. Trying to make up the position again, I hit a curb and lost more positions. I could fight back to the 4th place, but that meant, I had to win the last round to secure my second overall position. But also I wanted to proof that the F110 SF4 is the fastest car. I had a good start and pulled away cleanly until the finish of the race.
So in the end I did not win, but it feels good to have designed a car which is driving so smooth has that has such a good performance.
Being tied on points for the first place in the ranking after the Indoor races is a good basis.
For the outdoor races, the F110 SF4 should be a very good basis to fight for more top positions.

Till next time.
David Ehrbar
Team Serpent

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