My location: United States
Feb 4, 2019

1/10 Regionals in the books.
December 22nd we headed out to famous Mills Pond R.C. track where we were provided a perfect surface for racing.
Justin Fales took the win in 4 wheel mod and 2 wheel mod. The struggle was real trying to adapt from what was a loose track Friday to the high bite surface Saturday. But by the end of round one qaulies we had a good handle on it and was able to put power back into the Serpent cars to produce some needed speed.

So we ran double A mains which was awesome. On the Serpent MH 2 wheel in A1 we ran AKA Vector soft rear and Handlebars soft in front. In A2 we ran the same AKA combo in super soft. The two wheel was powered by a Trinity Lipo Factory 4300 mah battery and 8.5 Monster motor. And the car was pulling wheelies. Lol

In the Serpent SDX4 Evo (which looked freeking amazing) in A1 we ran in AKA Crosslink rear and Chainlink front in soft long wear compound. A2 we ran the same AKA combo in super soft. The 4 wheel was powered up using the Trinity 6.0 Monster motor with the 5000 mah white carbon battery. The 4 wheel looked dialed with the LFR hammer wing and body! Sweet paint job was provided by Larry Genova of Kustom R.C. Graphics. PT oils had the shocks plush for landing the big jumps.

We really had a great year. This would give Justin 4 Regional titles in 2018! We could not do this without the amazing support of all of his sponsors. We thank you so much and look forward to 2019 with all of you and one or two new ones to come.

Till next time
Justin Fales
Team Serpent