My location: United States
Sep 10, 2012

After 2 rounds in the last months we got the last round in Madrid, in Club ARCA, where the first European Stock Championship will be held in next weeks.

The track is a little bit bumpy and technical with very high grip, the perfect scene to see the S411 in action.

Close to 40 drivers took place in the race and 3 of them had mathematical possibilities to get the Stock championship, 2 of them with Serpent S411.
In the first heat things were coming clear for Serpent, 2 best time and more than 4 car in the fastest times.
In the second heat Gonzalo Garcia with Serpent S411LE gets the best time and 4 more cars in the final.
Finally we couldn’t get the TQ but yes getting 4 cars in the final, being the most used cars in race.
The behavior with the S411LE was simply amazing, fast cornerspeed, fast acceleration…

In the finals, with Gonzalo pushing for the Championship, the first one was a little bit confusing, Gonzalo couldn’t take the start due to a crash in the previous lap. Things seemed to be bad to get the championship.

In the second final things not seemed to be the best due to Gonzalo explode the capacitor of his Speedo, losing the punch and fighting against the TQ qualifier and the rest of the drivers. Gonzalo could resist the fight and get the 2nd final. Only 1 final to run and only one opportunity to get it, if Gonzalo gets almost 3rd place he will became 2012 Stock Champion.

In the third final the tension was in the air and nobody wants to be a loser. When the race starts the TQ qualifier, Gonzalo and Isaias gets the lead but a lot of crushes let to Carlos Fernandez (Tq) to be alone in the race while Gonzalo and Isaias fight for the 2nd position after an epic battle Gonzalo could pass Isaias in a tight turn and could try to get Carlos, almost impossible in 4 minutes. Finally Gonzalo got the 2 position overall and with the numbers he became 2012 Spanish champion for Serpent. First electric Championship for Serpent in Spain!!