My location: United States
May 29, 2012

Race report, by Yuya,

Our 966TE performed very well from day of free practice. We felt much advantage than other drivers. Even young Takumi's 966TE wasn't so bad though he didn't have enough exprience for 1/8 racing yet.

Day 1 qualifing,
I kept top time holder from 1st round to 5 round.
Tadahiko made 2nd time in the end, but his 966 came in to pit for refueling. So he was very fast!
Takumi had problem of fuel consumption, and couldn't manage it.

Day 2 final qualifing,
My 966 stopped due to less fuel, and couldn't improve. Tadahiko improved my time, and got TQ.
Takumi still had fuel consumption, and finished qualify at 14th.

Takumi started from 1/2, and ran 2nd position. After 1st refueling, he had overheating, and engine stopped. He tryed to restart but couldn't reach Grand final.

Grand Final
Tadahiko, and I had lead the race. After 1st refueling, refueleing was not made enough so my car stopped. I restarted but it was too late to catch up with the top. Tadahiko made mistake and car rolled, and get position down to very last. However, he recovered and finished at 3rd. I finished at 8th. Masao Tanaka with 966 finished in 4th.

Thank you very much for your support. We could not made this result without your support.

Yuya Sahashi