My location: United States
Jan 11, 2012

Report Marc Fischer
DHI Cup Dänemark

I started off with 2 different 411 cars to see which worked better as starting point.

We had 4 practise runs, run 1 with car 1, run 2 with car 2, and last 2 runs with 411 that felt best. In the 3rd run I was always in the top-3 which was excellent. Last run was worse result as I needed to run in a set of tyres and was 7th. Still good enough to start in the top-heat.

Heat 1 Friday.
Start was good, running 3rd of 4 I rolled the just before the end. The track is great but has some small bumps hat not supermuch grip yet. The small bumps made rolling “easier”. This was place 6 for me, with one 4 sec error, so could have been 3rd, so speed was good.

heat 2 saturday
This run was similar to Friday, start and speed was good, this time a 2 sec roll and again only 6th spot. Speed good enough for 4th … :)

heat 3
I tried some set-up changes but was not as good as hoped, finised 10th.

heat 4.
Back to earlier set-up, and no errors this time, good for 4th place, which made me placed 6th in the a-main. .

After qualifying
1. Alexander Hagberg
2. Marc Rheinard
3. Ronald Völker
4. Zdenko Kunak
5. Chrissi Krapp
6. Marc Fischer. Serpent S411
7. Patrick Hornum
8. Yannic Prümper
9. Teemu Leino
10. Martin Hudy

Final sunday

Final A
I was taken out from 7th spot and could only finish 10th. Same happened in final B, when I was in 4th position, so again 10th, not amused....
3rd final I managed a great start ad finished 3rd after a really good run.

Place 8th in the end, which is not where I wanted to put my Serpent 411, but at least another top-10 result in a high level race, so speed is pretty good.

Final result in modified:
1. Ronald Völker – 2pts
2. Marc Rheinard – 4pts
3. Alexander Hagberg – 7pts
4. Teemu Leino – 8pts
5. Yannic Prümper – 10pts
6. Christopher Krapp – 10pts
7. Zdenko Kunák – 10pts
8. Marc Fischer – 13pts Serpent 411
9. Patrick Hornum – 15pts
10.Martin Hudy – 15pts

Next races will be EPS in Germany, then the ETS in Italy, and soon the Snowbirds in USA with TC and 1/12.

Marc Fischer
Team Serpent