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Nov 11, 2011

ETS Round 1 Mülheim Kärlich

Friday Practise / Qualification
Programmed were 4 parctise heats and one Qualifier.
In the 1st 2 practise heats my 411 was going really well, even considering the low grip. In run 3 and 4 the grip build up strongly, until the car even started rolling. I was still able to qualify for the fastest heat with 3 fastest laps, but due to the grip the car was a handfull. After the 4th practise I was in the Top-10, but pretty hard to be constant, so need to think about set-up changes.

Heat 1
I had a great pace , and 411 was easy to go fast with, speed was good to stay with the pack. The grip became a lot more quickly. After 2.5 min my 411 rolled after a small steering error, and one more time lateron loosing 5 sec. Without the rolls run was good for 3rd, mmm .....

Heat 2
Like heat 1 first minutes were supergood and fast, but after 3 min. rollig came back. Speed was good for 5th place, but due to rolls I ended lower. Time to make changes.

Heat 3
I changed few things on my 411, but was too much as I lacked steering and could not push, leading to 11th spot only.

Heat 4
Few other changes transformed my 411, and suited the conditions now very well, I ran for a while in 2nd place, but after 4.30 minutes I lost a pin from a front DJC driveshaft and made no result. .

This meant a disappointing 16th overall, and in the B-final, with many other top-drivers, but still not where I planned to be.

B Final 1:
I wanted to use the B finals to test few new things on the car, to learn for next events. I already knew the 411 really well for outdoor asfalt, as prooven with the German Champs 2011 win, but need to test more to get the potential from the 411 car on carpet . I changed springs, trackrods front and rear, diff-oil and body. It was ok and easy, but lacked corner speed in the 180 turns and lacked steering, only good enough for 5th place.

B Final 2:
Back to set-up from 4th qualifier, with few small changes and other body. Now I ran even a 12.9 lap which only very few driver reached this ETS event. I could keep the speed well, but some small crashed lead to 5th place only. 411 was now fast and easy, and good to aim, Super.

B Final 3:
For the last run I changed camber rod position rear and the car was again easier and still superfast. This run I could keep same pace as currentWC Naoto and finished in 3rd . with excellent laptimes and no more traction rolls.. Great to have such super 411 car in the end anyway, which gives god hopes for the ETS in Italy in january and the Snowbirds 2012.

Thanks to all my sponsors.

My setup: here:

Serpent, Xceed, 2 Speed Racing
Graupner, GM Racing, Xenon, Toni Sport MR 33, Abec 35, Ride, Pit Shark, Sanwa

Marc Fischer
Team Serpent

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