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Nov 10, 2011

Callesen who recently changed to use Serpent 411, had an excellent 1st race of the Danish Champs running in 2nd place.


His set-up is here:

His report full below.

Team Serpent DK

Before the race
After changing my car to the Serpent 411, I did a lot of practice and had tested different set ups. Unfortunately I could only test on a small and tight track, but here my Serpent 411 was very good. I managed to do several new track records. Especially was the car very easy to drive very fast.
Practice at the race
My Serpent 411 was also good on a big track. Not a big surprise, but I as wrote before, I had no testing on a big track. The track had a low grip, and in several corners the grip was a bit tricky due to two different carpet conditions, but all drivers hat to deal with it. Together with Serpent drivers Nicolai Nielsen and Steven Olsen we tested different set ups. In the end I had lowered the rollcenter and removed the anti roll bar in the rear. My Serpent was now rolling a tiny bit too much in a tricky high speed chicane, but the rest of the track I could drive fast. I felt it as the best compromise for me.
I started the first round of qualification with safe driving, and I did a third place only 0,2 of a second behind the driver in second place. In the second round I pushed a little harder, and in the first half of my 5 minutes, I was announced on a first place. At the end suddenly my car was wobbling on the rear, and at the end of the straight a wheel got off!! Bang - my car crashed into the wall. I broke the rear tower and a body post. Man I was angry with my father, who is my mechanic. In the last round of qualification my car was a little tricky. I had not had time to check everything on the car. I drove fast but very safe. Luckily for me the fastest car this day - Patrick Hornum with his Russian car Awesomatix A700 - had a brake, and then I made a first place. I should now start as second In the A final.
The finals are quickly told. All three finals I started good and had no problems with the cars behind me. I could not go the same pace as Patrick Hornum, but no other competitors could do my pace. Knowing, that I could not battle with Patrick in the front, and I would not be pushed from behind, I drove safe. My times were very identical - nearly all within 0,1 second. In the end a second place.
Attached find my set up sheet from the race.
Next race will be in DK-Tinglev on a big track with many different types of corners and straights. Rely nice to drive. I look forward to the race, as I have ordered the new DJC axles from Serpent, and I can't wait to test them.