My location: United States
Sep 11, 2011

This weekend, Serpent Spain Team took part in the 4rd Madrid Championship, which was held at Serracines track.

A large track with 50sec/lap, and a special surface: very slippery and bumpy.

After practice rounds, we were very confident after finding a good and comfortable setup. Our feelings was right when our youngest Serpent driver, Oscar Navarro (11 years-olded), was TQ'd on Q1, while Alberto García could not able to run the Q1 because a battery failure.

For the next qualification rounds, Oscar Navarro was able to get another fantastic 2nd place, behind former European Champion, Daniel Vega, with Alberto Garcia taking a place into the semifinal.

Both Serpent drivers starting their 30minutes semifinal keeping the Cobra811 in 1-2 places from the first moment. After the first laps, Alberto García took the leadership of the semifinal to finish in 1st place, ensuring a good time to start the main final from the #1. On the other hand, Oscar Navarro was running in a comfortable 2nd place, until some clutch problems, loosing some places, but taking a place to the main final.

The main final was dominated by Alberto García from the first to the last lap finishing two laps in front of the rest, while Oscar Navarro was overtaking many drivers to finish in a great 3rd place!

After the 4 round, with two more rounds to go, Alberto García is leading the championship with Oscar Navarro in 3rd place!