My location: United States
Jul 3, 2011

Andreas Giesa from Germany had an excellent week at the Euro's.

He managed to be fastest in free paractise, qualifying, made fastest lap-time overall and also in the final, won the semi-final and then also the main final.


In the final Giesa created a 8 sec lead and started cruising after. A little bit to early as Nydegger from CH, closed the gap and was on Giesa's tail afterwards. A superb fight resulted with many posiiton chnages, also due a different refuelling and tyre strategy.

One time Nydegger spun Giesa's car, but waited for Giesa to come back and race again. Some minutes after same happened other way around. Giesa touched Nydegger and wainted till he was back again, to race the final to the end. Superb racing !

Some minutes before the end of the 45 minute race Nydegger hit the wall, which left Giesa a 4 lap gap in the end.

Frank Baggen also with 966 reached an impressive 5th place in the final.

Team Serpent