My location: United States
Jun 26, 2011

You know the old saying, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression"...... well let me tell you, the Serpent S411 made a big first impression!

I got the car on Thursday, and wanted to go run it on Saturday night at Ripon Speedway but wasn't sure I could get the car built and ready to run that quickly. The car was an awesome build. every part had a perfect finish, no reaming or dremeling anything! It went together so quickly and easily, I even had time to paint 2 bodies on Saturday before heading to the track!

I headed down to Ripon Speedway hoping to shake the car down, work the bugs out, and start getting it up to speed. I was in for a very pleasant surprise.

Right off the trailer, the car felt really good with just the default setup (included in the kit). I ran a few practice runs and the car shook out real nice. I made only a few minor adjustments (see attached setup sheet) and the car was dialed! Using Thunder Power batteries and 4.5 motor, along with the Protoform P37 body, I couldn't believe how good the car felt. Tons of steering but still very easy to drive. I let several people drive the car and they all had the same response....WOW.

I went on to TQ and win the main..... a very nice first impression indeed. Ripon is a small and very technical track, and the S411 was very comfortable on that track. I am looking forward to getting the car out to some other local tracks and see how the car responds on the bigger tracks as well...... stay tuned!

Set-up here:

Scott Kimbrow
Team Serpent America